Call us if you would like to be able to:

  • - Install any future Home Entertainment or Communication Technology and know all features will work out of the box;
  • - Watch Sky, DVD or Free-to-air TV reception in any room of the home and control the channels with your IR remote or Ipod etc;
  • - Have the ability to install Sky or simular set-up box / digital decoder into any room in the home as and when needed;
  • - Have volume control music in different areas (zones) in the home with multiple music inputs (sources) playing independently;
  • - Listen to music and or watch TV in your outdoor entertainment areas (with Ipod or Android control);
  • - Have a fully immersive Home Cinema, Game or Theatre experience (enjoy latest HD sound and Bluray experience);
  • - Operate a home office with all the latest communication technologies;
  • - Plug a computer or game console into any room and be able to network and surf the internet at high speeds;
  • - Get the best picture on your HD TV (high spec HDMI connections etc);
  • - Change a room's function from time to time (bedroom to office etc);
  • - Be ready for the speeds of the Fiber Optic communication age;
  • - Add future buyer appeal and value to your home;
  • - Enjoy Networked HDTV, Blu-ray DVD or other networkable technology for the fastest data transfer;



Ducted Vacuum Systems.

Cyclovac ducted vacuum systems starting at $2000

  • CYCLO VAC Ducted Vacuum Systems,

    Backed by 45 years of research and development, CYCLO VAC designs, manufactures and
    markets high quality ducted vacuums that have revolutionized the industry.
    Strong vacuuming power, high indoor air quality, efficiency, ease of use,
    and quietness resulting from its unique design are but a few of the many advantages of owning a CYCLO VAC ducted cleaning system.
    Built using the highest quality components designed exclusively for CYCLO VAC,
    our ducted vacuums are renowned worldwide for their reliability, innovative technology and outstanding performance.

    CYCLO VAC Vacuuming Performance and Innovation, Now and Forever.

Video and Audio Intercom Systems.

Video and Audio intercom systems start at $450


Dorani Video and Intercom System.

  • Built for todays designer interiors, the Dorani 7.0 Inch Intercom features handsfree operation
    to the external Surface Mount Colour Door Station and, if fitted to the extra Internal Monitors.
    With the capability to control up to 2 Video Door Stations along with upto 4 Internal HANDSFREE Video Monitors,
    this system is the perfect choice. The Door Station features a CCD Colour Camera and built in white LEDs for night time operation.
    From the internal monitors you have the ability to release a front gate if required.
    The Monitor also has the ability to monitor your front door. The monitor also features Volume, Colour and Brightness Control.


Hills Home Intercom - Kocom KDP601A

  • A Kocom video intercom lets you see who is at your door or front gate before you open it.

    Speak to a visitor and let them into your home without having to go to the door and open it yourself.

    Supervise your yard at any time by simply pressing the camera button on the monitor for a view of your homes exterior. Choose from a handheld or hands free intercom, colour or black and white monitor.


Alarm Packages.

Voicenav and Voicetouch Alarm packages start at $1500


Hills VoiceNav

  • The Reliance utilises advanced technology to make your life easier. One simple key press as you are leaving will turn on (Arm) the Hills Reliance and monitor your home whilst you are away. On your return home simply enter your 4 or 6 digit PIN code to turn off (Disarm) your security system. Other choices include the use of a stylish wireless key fob to Arm, Disarm, activate the system sirens (panic alarm) and if connected, control your garage door, all from the one convenient location. Just because youre at home doesnt mean your security needs to be disarmed.

    The Hills Reliance can be Armed in the partial mode providing perimeter protection from door and window sensors, external beams, and selected movement sensors leaving you free to move around inside. This can be done with a single key press or by using a wireless keychain remote.


Hills VoiceNav


Undertile Heating Solutions.

Undertile heating solutions Starting from

  • On-slab heating cables can be installed in new or existing homes (renovation projects). On-slab cables are only three millimeters thick and can be installed on any substrate under any floor covering. Livellas heating cables are so versatile and reliable you can even heat your showers or stairs.

    If you decide that an on slab system best suits your lifestyle ensure that you pick a custom-made free form floor heating system and not a heating mat, carpet heating pad or tile strip heater. It is only with a free form system that you can guarantee uninterrupted comfort. Thats why a Livella-brand system is the preferred choice of reputable builders, quality decorators and the discerning homeowners. By making use of a mat style system you will never have the ability to customize the amount of heat needed in the space or guarantee 100% floor coverage. Rest assured with a Livella Heating system you will never be left with uncomfortable cold spots.


  • Features:

50Watts RMS per channel 8 ohm - 4 ohm capable

Output short cct, thermal and hard clipping protection

4 zones

Bass, Treble, Balance, Loudness adjustment per zone

6 Sources

- 1 - 6 either Analogue, or Coax Digital Audio (PCM)

Storage for up to 10 seconds of 44.1 KHz 16 Bit stereo

8 Buffered IR outputs

Internal real time clock

Internal Web Page

14 Presets command

Extensive zone linking

Backward compatable to previous generation systems

USB, RS232 and Ethernet interface

Two page presets

AMP-On Status: 12VDc Outputs

Setup lockout

Static/DHCP network connections



CTV and DVR start at $1,000


Supply and install audio visual comoponants, Projectors, TV's, Blu ray etc


Aerial and freeview saterlitte dish installations





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The Hub and Structured Wiring system are designed to allow you the flexibility to easily configure different areas of your home to suit different uses as  your lifestyle changes.



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