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Entertainment Technology Limited is your one-stop shop for all your Home Audio Visual and Communication requirements. We can design and install a wiring system that integrates all your existing and future Audio Visual, Music, Security and Communication needs, all at an affordable modular, fixed price including in-home training and documentation. We deal with all aspects of your home Communication and AV wiring needs from all cabling to the installation of your TV's and AV equipment so they all work seamlessly. We utilize a Home Hub system, which returns most of cables in the home to a centralized location where they can be easily accessed and modified to meet any future needs. We also centralize your AV equipment in a rack that takes the mess of all those cables out of the Home theatre room.

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Design & Consultancy


48A Burwood Road, Burwood
Christchurch 8083

The Hub and Structured Wiring system are designed to allow you the flexibility to easily configure different areas
of your home to suit different uses as your lifestyle changes.

"Plan for a high defintion future"