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Structured Wiring - Planning for the future

As we introduce an increasing number of electronic devices into our homes, making our lives more convenient and thus giving us many more entertainment options, it is vital to have them running smoothly and connected correctly. While the importance of organised cabling systems will vary from home to home, for the majority it can ensure an exceptionally reliable and cost-effective infrastructure that will stand the test of time.

These cables connect through the HOME HUB and AV areas to operate seamlessly and easily using your smart devices. We design your Structured Home Cabling System and Home Hub to provide you with the following features and benefits:


So if you would like some of the following features

High speed Network and Communication system (Smart Wiring) (Fibre ready) (Great WiFi)
Smart control using voice controlled devise's for lighting, blind, window, garage door etc (PDL Wiser controls).
TV distribution system (8K HDMI, Freeview, Sky, ARC audio return etc.) including aerials and dish locations.
AV equipment in separate rack, cupboard / area in home and will work on all TV’s, speakers etc.
High Definition HDMI Wall TV cabling system (Full 8K HD images on main TVs)
Volume-controlled multi-source Music Distribution systems (different sound in different areas at the same time, all with a touch of a device.)
Infrared control system (change Sky or Blu-ray from any room with a target)
Full Dolby Atmos Home Theatre experience (enjoy movie and sport like never before)
Integrate an Alarm Package, complete with App and remotes (security)
Full integrate network camera system with worldwide monitoring all at 8K. (Wi-Fi cameras available)
Ducted Vacuum Systems to make that job easier.

    Call us if you are building a new home or renovating

    We can save you $$$$ by not having to retro fit in the future and add value to your home.
    We can add thousands of dollars of extra value and appeal to you home when its time to sell.

    We believe that one thing each new home must have -
    A well-thought out wiring system containing the Communication and Audio Visual Cables needed now and in the future. The Home Hub will add thousands of dollars of value, it'll entertain you, educate your children and this latest smart technology will add convenience that you never thought possible. Please let us provide you with the future in home entertainment by evaluating your plans and arranging a no obligation quote .

    Systems start from as little as $6,999+GST.

    Network and TV Distribution

    This will help future-proof the home for every possible activity. From the Home Hub location you will be able to patch to every RG6 and RJ45 location - whatever service you require in that area. Two Cat 6 and one RG6 cables are recommended as a minimum, which allows the transfer of almost any AV and data signal to every room, at super fast speeds when and if required, including:

    • Normal Phone or VOIP if available in your area
    • Network Cat6 cable
    • HDMI 8k HD TV
    • Super High definition Security Camera System
    • Infrared to control with remotes
    • TV / Sky
    • Audio Visual signals
    • Central super fast network switch in hub and modem in office allows every network outlet to connect to the internet and each other at super fast speeds.

    Home Theatre_1.jpg

    Distributed Music

    Turn selected areas (ZONES) of the home into easy listening areas. Enjoy superior stereo sound in these selected ZONES with on or in-wall or ceiling-mounted speakers. Set the volume level independently in each room using the app on your phone. And have multiple sources playing independently or concurrently all these ZONES.

    • Network radio in the master while listening to Spotify outside or visa versa etc.
    • Independent volume control via remote control App in each zone.
    • Play any music you might have on your devices seamlessly.
    • Individual TV return input sources.
    • All working from your App.

    Infrared control point in key locations

    We also include the option of an Infrared system through the main areas of the home to allow you to change the setting on your components at the AV locations remotely from the various locations throughout the home.

    • Change the Sky channel from the master bedroom, office etc.
    • Pause the blu-ray player from the living room, games room etc.
    • House all your AV equipment in a separate room and still be able to control your DVD, AMP, Sky etc. 

    Audio visual media distribution

    We will house your AV equipment in convenient locations throughout the home (normally one location in main TV area). From here we distribute sound and video sources to the home hub and with high-quality HD and SD cabling to a local display (TV) on the wall or a projector in the ceiling (or both). This will supply the highest quality signal to display on your HDTV. Professional wall-plate modules are used to avoid unsightly "cable through wall look". Connections included as standard are:

    • HDMI HD for high-quality components.
    • Component HD for non-HDMI components .
    • Composite SD for older components.
    • Audio Sound to TV.
    • Network for connection of modern devices.
    • TV in and TV out to Hub (Cabling and supply of a VHF and UHF aerial included in pricing).
    • Two Sky-in cables to meet Sky cabling requirements (Two Sky cables to roof included in pricing).
    • Connection to display your computer if required.

    AV Equipment Rack (12).jpg

    5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 Home Theatre Speaker packages

    We recommend a specification for a home-theatre package which could be located in the lounge area (and or) games room of the home. The home theatre package will require an amplifier which can be supplied at extra cost or you may already own suitable equipment. This will provide full high-quality surround sound in these areas and all surround sound in these areas. All terminations are completed with wall-plate modules to ensure tidy installation and clean connections

    • In-ceiling Front Speaker. (In or on-wall speaker if required).
    • In-ceiling Rear Speakers (In or on-wall speaker if required).
    • Includes subwoofer.
    • All Cabling, Wall plates, installation & system commissioning when required.
    • Extra front speaker outlets for future amplification 
    music amp rxv6a front.jpg

    Camera System

    We recommend a 8K camera system with a 10TB HHD so you never miss a moment of recording at full high resolution.

    • Large HDD.
    • 8K Camera resolution so you can zoom in and catch that number plate.
    • Works on your computer and phone.
    • Includes a monitor for set-up and monitoring.

    camera 8mp zoom.jpg

    Alarm System

    We recommend a full security alarm with smoke detectors, this alarm can be activated anywhere in the world with the free app.

    • Large LCD screen.
    • Works on your phone.
    • Include powered smoke detection.
    • 2 x remotes.
    • Open garage doors

    Alarm ESL-2 KIT-10-W.jpg


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    Christchurch 8083

    The Hub and Structured Wiring system are designed to allow you the flexibility to easily configure different areas
    of your home to suit different uses as your lifestyle changes.

    "Plan for a high defintion future"