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Other Services - Call us if you would like to be able to:

- Install any future Home Entertainment or Communication Technology and know all features will work out of the box;
- Watch Sky, DVD or Free-to-air TV reception in any room of the home and control the channels with your IR remote or Ipod etc;
- Have the ability to install Sky or similar set-up box / digital decoder into any room in the home as and when needed;
- Have volume control music in different areas (zones) in the home with multiple music inputs (sources) playing independently;
- Listen to music and or watch TV in your outdoor entertainment areas (with Ipod or Android control);
- Have a fully immersive Home Cinema, Game or Theatre experience (enjoy latest HD sound and Bluray experience);
- Operate a home office with all the latest communication technologies;
- Plug a computer or game console into any room and be able to network and surf the internet at high speeds;
- Get the best picture on your HD TV (high spec HDMI connections etc);
- Change a room's function from time to time (bedroom to office etc);
- Be ready for the speeds of the Fiber Optic communication age;
- Add future buyer appeal and value to your home;
- Enjoy Networked HDTV, Blu-ray DVD or other networkable technology for the fastest data transfer;

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Ducted Vacuum Systems - 

Cyclovac ducted vacuum systems starting at $2,800

CYCLO VAC Ducted Vacuum Systems,

Backed by 45 years of research and development, CYCLO VAC designs, manufactures and
markets high quality ducted vacuums that have revolutionized the industry.
Strong vacuuming power, high indoor air quality, efficiency, ease of use,
and quietness resulting from its unique design are but a few of the many advantages of owning a CYCLO VAC ducted cleaning system.
Built using the highest quality components designed exclusively for CYCLO VAC,
our ducted vacuums are renowned worldwide for their reliability, innovative technology and outstanding performance.

CYCLO VAC Vacuuming Performance and Innovation, Now and Forever.
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Camera (CCTV) System Video -

Camera systems start for as little as $2,900

We will have allowed to install dome or bullet day night security cameras as per location shown on the plan these will be connected to a networkable video recorder with monitor and keyboard. Each image will be displayed on all TV's in the home via a modulator and will be recorded for future reference. Camera will be displayed on your TV's and viewable on the internet (subject to available services). Monitor your home from anywhere in the world on a PC and or on any smart device.


4K NVR - 9 Channels with 4 Ports POE

An ultra-compact stylish full featured NVR capable of recording up to 9 channels at 8MP resolution. Built in 4 ports POE switch plus one uplink port allows for direct connection of cameras. H.265(HEVC) and H.264 supported. Embedded Linux OS for maximum stability. Complete with a single 3.5 inch 10TB HDD 4 weeks recording.

CAMERAS 8mg Bullet or Dome depending on location.

H.265+ latest generation encoding / compression for up to 80% decrease in bandwidth and storage requirements vs H.264. True 120 dB WDR for superior image contrast. ONVIF profile S compatible. IP67 weather-proof / IK09 vandal proof. Built in IR LEDS for night vision and low light. 8MP @ 25 fps.

Camera Milesite 180o minidome.jpg
Camera Pack.JPG
Cameras wp-mini-dome_1_1.jpg

Video & Audio Intercom Systems -

Video and Audio intercom systems start at $650.

See whos at the front door and talk to them, can work on your phone app or directly to screen.

This Wireless Video Intercom System brings upgraded features and ease of operation that will enhance security for your family. It can be easily installed and conveniently expanded. The system includes a monitor for seeing and hearing activity at the front door, a convenient wireless monitor that can be carried about, an IPS LCD that can be easily viewed at angles and from below, a beautiful 5.2 inch colour monitor, recording support that can safely store a maximum of 400 images, and whole lot more. And, it comes with Transfer Calling that allows use as an ordinary phone plus a host of features for enhancing family communications. Also available is a 3.5 inch LCD Model that is great for enhancing family security and can be easily installed anywhere in the home as demanded by your family's situation. Panasonic is concerned about the safety of your family.

Fully installed and commissioned

Gate or Door Camera

Fixed intercom screen (records on to SD cards)

Portable rechargeable hand piece, cradle and screen

Option for Smart phone connection as well.

Door or Gate control locking / unlocking and key remote can be added as optional extra.

intercom panasonic wireless_video_intercom 2.jpg

Alarm Packages -

Alarm packages start at $2900

Multipath Communication
Go with simpler and safer living. The revolutionary StayD feature represents a completely reversed philosophy that resolves all issues with any security system made today. Our system is always armed and only partly disarmed when entering or exiting a site, which is the opposite of a common security system that’s always disarmed and needs to be armed to provide protection.
Monitor your system’s status, receive notification of system events, control your system (arm/disarm, open a garage door, etc.) and report system events to the monitoring station using one or more of the following communication methods.

• Internet and e-mail

• GPRS, GSM, and SMS text messages
• Voice
• Landline Telephone (not available with SP65)

Alarm Keypad EC-TOUCH-W.png

Remote and Wireless Convenience
With one-touch, remote control convenience, using your security system has never been simpler. Disarm your system with one button, arm it with another, or send a panic signal to your monitori

Three Arming Levels
It protects your home, but more importantly, protects you. Get three different levels of security:
• Arm: Leave your home and maximize your security.
• Stay: Protect your perimeter while at home with the children.

Get up to 32 points of detection for maximum security. Start small and expand your security as your needs grow. Models are available depending on your initial requirements. Also, get protection for two independent areas at one location. Secure your house, as well as your basement apartment, and control both distinct areas conveniently from one keypad.

App-based System Control
The Arrowhead APP enables you to remotely access your Arrowhead security system. Arrowhead provides lots of functionality and information at one’s fingertip. The multi-lingual app has an intuitive user-interface which enables you to easily connect to your security system and edit its settings. With arm/disarm control, PGM control, and live system status, Arrowhead turns any iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android ™ phone into a remote keypad. Now you can control your Arrowhead security system from your favourite device!

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